November Ransomware Roundup

November was a busy month in the ransomware world. Two of the highest impact attacks were on Ardent Health Services and Fidelity National Financial, disrupting patient care and causing chaos in the housing market, respectively. But it wasn’t all bad news, thanks to the capture of ransomware criminals in Ukraine. Hospitals hacked Ardent Health Services

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Protect Your DNA with 2FA!

If you use one of three popular genetics and genealogy services, you’ll soon have to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account. With 2FA enabled, you’ll need to enter a code sent via text, email or generated by an app on your phone to complete the login process. Hackers target 23andMe 23andMe, Ancestry, and

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October Ransomware Roundup

Two ransomware gangs had bad news in October, as their data leak sites were taken down. However, ransomware operators still caused havoc, with a new gang emerging and unlikely alliances forming between groups. Data leak sites taken down Ransomware gang Trigona was attacked by a group of hacktivists known as the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (UCA).

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September Ransomware Roundup

According to data from, 462 organizations were listed on ransomware leak sites in September. This is up approximately 18% from August, which saw 390 organizations named and shamed on the dark web. The true number of successful ransomware attacks in both months is, however, likely much higher. That’s because organizations that are attacked but

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