Skiff Shutting Down Products After Acquisition

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Skiff, a privacy focused company offering end-to-end encrypted email, calendar, notes and storage apps, has been acquired by Notion. While it will be working on projects with the productivity company, it will also be closing its own popular product line.

Breaking the news to Skiff users 

Skiff broke the news to users on Friday with a vague email titled “Major Skiff update.” After sharing that the company had joined Notion, the news that Skiff’s products were shutting down was not mentioned until the middle of the email. Given the impact this information will have on current users, it seems somewhat bizarre that it was not communicated more clearly.

The Skiff team wrote, “As we begin to shift focus to our shared efforts with Notion, we will be closing down Skiff’s product suite after a 6-month sunset period.” They added, “We are deeply appreciative of the trust users have extended to us, and we are committed to honoring that trust by ensuring that all data on Skiff is easily exportable.”

Skiff users respond on social media

Skiff’s post about the acquisition on X generated mixed reactions. Some users congratulated the team and wished them luck. However, many Skiff customers expressed frustration at the fact that the popular products were going to disappear.

Referencing Skiff competitor Proton Privacy, well known crypto scam investigator ZachXBT simply wrote, “Product ruined by Notion. Unfortunate for users as there are few alternatives available. Back to Proton we all go.”

What Skiff users need to do

Skiff is encouraging its users to export their data and transfer domains purchased directly from Skiff within the six month sunset period. Users should also update the email address on file with any service they signed up for using a Skiff email address, as they will no longer have access to their Skiff accounts after six months. Users who subscribe to a paid plan can request a refund by submitting feedback within one of Skiff’s apps.

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