Cl0p Tells Companies to Begin Negotiations

Ransomware gang Cl0p has exploited a vulnerability in file transfer software MOVEit to compromise companies around the world. Security researcher Kevin Beaumont estimates “there are over one hundred” organizations affected by the attack, with British Airways, the BBC and Boots already confirmed as victims. Cl0p posted a message to companies who use MOVEit on their […]

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Negotiating with Ransomware Gangs

Valéry Marchive, a cybersecurity journalist, has published chat logs of negotiations between ransomware gangs and their victims. The goal, he explained in a Twitter thread, is to provide a resource for ransomware victims and researchers, since “What happens during #ransomware negotiations is rarely widely shared.” Background to the chats The chats take place after companies

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Bl00dy Ransomware Gang Targets Schools

The Bl00dy Ransomware Gang is exploiting a vulnerability in print management software PaperCut to target schools, according to an advisory by CISA.  While PaperCut fixed this vulnerability in March, not all organizations applied the patch immediately. CISA recommends these organizations consider themselves compromised and look for malicious activity. The Bl00dy Ransomware Gang The Bl00dy Ransomware

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Watch Out for YouTube Videos Promoting Malware

YouTube videos claiming to help viewers download premium software for free are instead tricking them into downloading malware. An internet researcher going by the handle idclickthat raised the alarm about two such malware campaigns on Twitter earlier this week.  Lumma info stealer campaign The first campaign targeted popular software, including Adobe Animate, AutoCAD by Autodesk

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